Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Only Album I Bought This year...

Faith + Hope + Love...I bought this around August i album seriously,now i need another 1 by Hillsong United!! Tear Down The Walls album was a hit on the iTunes chart,it was rated No.2 and there was a poster that promotes it in Salvation Book Centre.

Ahh...I so want that album!!! Let's hope I can still buy it by the end of this month XD!!

Every time I walk into Salvation Book Centre it's always so tempting...i mean like,I saw this Beautiful Saviour album by Planetshakers, then another one Free by Planetshakers, then i saw Desperation Band album....ahhh,as if it will never end...then i saw Glenn Packian's album...OMG I cant decide!!!!
Then i went to the other shelf,there was this DVD on Electric Guitars For Worship,then i,I like this! and there was 1 for acoustic guitar,worship many choices...But bought the Hillsong gotta save more CA-CHING so I can buy that United album!!!

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