Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Change of blog

Hey guys, I've officially moved to http://garyguitar.blogspot.com/. So all my new posts will be there,so check it out yea? thx guys :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nike's New (RED) Shoe Laces!!

Went to Sunway Pyramid...Wooh...look at the crowd!!!    On the way back, bought Nike's new shoe laces as a trademark of their partnership with (PRODUCT)red. Can't believe it cost RM15...that's the price you pay for something like that...no i didn mean d shoe laces, I meant the partnership... The laces are designed to fight AIDS in Africa/Lutter Contre...so all the profit from d lace sale goes to the...ya know by now where it goes...   

Opened it,still can't wear it cause I gotta get my shoe ready and today wasn't that day XD...

Found this inside the box, can't believe why they even thought of putting this thing here...anyways,it's written...
Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months......like who would need that kinda advice???

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Only Album I Bought This year...

Faith + Hope + Love...I bought this around August i think...cool album seriously,now i need another 1 by Hillsong United!! Tear Down The Walls album was a hit on the iTunes chart,it was rated No.2 and there was a poster that promotes it in Salvation Book Centre.

Ahh...I so want that album!!! Let's hope I can still buy it by the end of this month XD!!

Every time I walk into Salvation Book Centre it's always so tempting...i mean like,I saw this Beautiful Saviour album by Planetshakers, then another one Free by Planetshakers, then i saw Desperation Band album....ahhh,as if it will never end...then i saw Glenn Packian's album...OMG I cant decide!!!!
Then i went to the other shelf,there was this DVD on Electric Guitars For Worship,then i thought...man,I like this! and there was 1 for acoustic guitar,worship leading...walao...so many choices...But bought the Hillsong album....so gotta save more CA-CHING so I can buy that United album!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Planetshakers Latest Album!!!

Deeper"ONE" is the fresh new praise and worship album from Planetshakers. For 12 years Planetshakers was a youth conference held in different cities around Australia. In April 2009, all generations gathered together in Melbourne for Planetshakers Conference "ONE".

Recorded over four days and nights at Hisense Arena, this album captures the sound of all generations uniting with ONE spirit, ONE heart and ONE voice. We saw thousands of worshipers join together with one purpose: to encounter God.

Tracks include praise songs "Get Up", "No Compromise", and worship anthems "Like a Fire" and "Lift You High". As you experience the praise and worship on this album, we pray a fresh fire will be ignited in your heart.

Also included, Planetshakers Conference 2009 Opening, Preaching Footage from John Bevere, Glen Berteau, Reggie Dabbs, Russell and Sam Evans, as well as Conference Highlights and Interactive Worship.

The 21st album for Planetshakers, "ONE" will surely stir your spirit to hunger for more of God.

Available October 31st. Preorder online Order it here!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Finally...Gary bloged...

Today I finally found a good reason to update my blog(which I know is dead for some time). And the reason is that i got a new monitor(Thank God!!!!) and yea this is it...it's a 18.5 inch LCD monitor,LG if ur curious.

another reason is about 2 months ago,my family and i went to our 1st Deepavali dinner,invited by a long friend of our family....the food was great...lol,why wouldn't it be? and that's all i took and some roasted lamb...

Ahh,sweet memories during the Alpha Course Weekend Away...played loadz of games and of all peeps i had to be dressed up... surprised myself too...and the alien is Robin...haha...the most beautiful alien i've ever seen!!!

Man...i can really summarize...haha...well,school's practically over and Blogger.com doesn't seem so friendly to allow me to upload more pictures anymore...so i guess i'm done here :P

Friday, October 30, 2009

Exam's so over!

Yes guys i know my blog is dead...but guess what?EXAM'S OVER!!!
I'll have more time blogging now!!! so keep following me.

after maths paper,wooh...went down played football!! n yay,i became darker!! hehe...but holiday i'm so gonna buckle up and get ready for SPM!! With God by my side,who can stop Him?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New iPod Nano!!!

The new iPod Nano is so cool!!! With the new video camera installed,it's a sure hit...too bad it can't take pictures but only videos XD...check it out here
Don't forget to check out the new iPod Touch as well!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Part 2 - CU Trip!!

Found some mini durians in the cocoa farm...

Bike ride...

"hey jack,what ya doin inside there?"

"awww..they're so cute!"

What's that smell??

u gotta love this bird...all of us had a screaming contest with it...haha...so damn funny wei...

hamster in a tomato...awww

see the RED ARROW?? we name the monkey after jack,i caught it stealing food while the horse was eating...

Mumma pony on her way...haha...

Heng Wei a.k.a VDP( very dangerous person ) liked this pony...

"eh jack...hungry la..."

We beat up Matthias in the 4-Season Room... 4 season my foot???only the flowers are four season...it was all air-conditioned la d place...

Lunch Time...teacher bought McChickens and Fllet-O-Fish for us Kwang Hua-rians only!!! too bad ACS...

After lunch,games!!!! were required to do a skit!!

the skit from team Monkey...the best of all the teams!!!

thx guys for the trip!!!

CU Trip To Bukit Cahaya!!

Yesterday's trip was a blast!!! I love every minute of it,with the fun and laughter we had and the time we tease each other,i love it!! I've been assign to team.... TENG TENG TENG!! LIONS!!!
Got there,met our bros from ACS CU. (they were playing football!! XD) Went roaring around then decided to watch the weirdos making their own group sounds...hahaha...went, "look at all the weirdos!" after meeting,made some friends and made our way to the entrance. Daniel led the exercise, did stretching...here's the fun part,we gotta make our own cheer,guess which team did the most laugh-able,loudest,and lame... it's team...... AMBULANCE!!! BE-BU-BE-BU-BE-BU....AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! haha...that was some cheer! who expected that SCREAMING part??haha...
so rented our bikes,went along with matthias,elijah,joel, and jin jack to the lake...

Take 1...

Take 2...

Matthias the giant!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rally Skit!! Super Cool!!

The skit was a blast!!! everyone went crazy when our God's name,Jesus, appeared!!!

Rally!!! Step Up!!!

Samson the worship leader...

the rally was a blast!!! not all my friends accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their lord and saviour but it's not about quantity,it's about God calling them to Him at the right time. I don't expect people to understand my faith because i'm a Christian, but i love my God and nothing people say can ever shake me off my faith!!!
Although my 'primary target' did not attend but what a relief it was when I was worshiping God and i saw my classmate wanting to accept the Lord and change his life forever.He made the choice of faith and he wants to let Jesus enter into his life. his reaction to God touched me.
From today onwards, I want to Step Up and make my stand for God cause i'm living for a God that saved my soul and words fail to describe my feelings when i'm in the presence of my God.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


the people involve!
Ushers,logistics,committees...blablabla...got briefed this morning.loadz of people,alot of people there and met erm..jolin,jaclyn,pamela anderson(pamela,just called her that)...

Friday, July 10, 2009


IT'S TOMORROW PEOPLE!!! The big soul gathering and the most happening thing that's gonna happen in Klang!!! This is the 11th year and still growing strong! Can't wait for it!! OMG OMG OMG!!!1 day before rally and i'm hyped up for God!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Rally Fever!!

year 2006... Chapter 2

Year 2007... What If?

Year 2008... Legacy! ISCF 10th Anniversary!!! A tale for men to tell.

Theme, Reach.Subang Rally...the one that i did not attend...^^

My couz came back from China

(from left) Heman,my distance cousin,Wesley,chinese congregation,and Ivan my cousin who just came back from China!! too bad Serena is sick,Andrew in Korea,Joyce in UK ...haiz...only d 2 small kids came back..hahaha

STEP UP!! To a Whole New Level!!

Oh yeah peeps,ISCF Rally is so back and guess what? It's gonna be a blast u know why? Because THE ALMIGHTY GOD IS GONNA BE THERE!!!! hear the sound of people shouting!!! Hearts pumping, the adrenaline rushes, the people get excited!!! c'mon people!!! Shout your lungs out cause JESUS is gonna make all the difference!!! if HE can do it last year, why not this year & beyond?

Join us for this life changing rally, you are so gonna miss out on alot of fun stuff if you're just gonna ignore this. Make the choice to come with us and i believe God CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Love You, Lord!!

The words are taken from the Holy Bible itself. I cried when I first watched this. And I always will, for HE is my father and someone I'm proud to call God! And forever more, I'll hold on to HIM!!
Cause You saved me Lord.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

AFS Interview

time : 7:30am
Mission : to get to JPS in shah alam for interview
Objective : Get there, hopefully wont be late.

Ready? Set? Thumbs up? Knees bend? Let's Go Go GO!!!!

got there, (what's that smell? I smell feet, oh it's you.) saw loadz of people...lol...people were surprise hearing me speaking mandarin with a malay...lol...

getting ready for our group play...d french guy (dunno how to spell his name) gave me some...make over...hahaha
wala...gary the monkey...with a little help from Nils...lolz...
after d play i became like this...

i stepped on my specs... shit lar...

so after a few more plays...d tiger group's turn was ... kinda expected...
d girl on d floor ( Trisher) was sss'ing away(sangat syok sendiri), she couldn stop laughing. she was laughing laughing laughing and she fell to d ground. and u know la, she laughed EVEN MORE..she didn snore though.. but thx Trisher, she said it was natural for me acting as the monkey, i'll take that as a compliment. She was always smiling, from the time I met her until when we had to say goodbye, guess Aaric wasn't the only 1 that was ss'ing around..hahaha... so enough with that... after all the plays are done....

The winners are the Kangaroos i think,i forgot but boon khang was thr...haha..Tough luck for the winners, who knew the winners had 2 do the MISSIPPI?? lolz even more... they had to spell it...with their BUTTS!!!

so after that, we did the what AFS call Funky Chicken...it's fun, a mixture of stuffs and songs and marching...it was wicked!!
In the end, had to say good bye to my French friend...

krispy kreme

these doughnuts are simply taste buds
bought for myself(duh) and (someone) and (someone) and my family. ^^

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

bye bye Milan, Hello Madrid ^^

Surprise surprise people......out of no where, the former player of the year signed for Real Madrid ... shocking news for all AC Milan fans and his fans... i found this on MSN news and whoah....kaka, for 65-million-euro deal??? that's some price tag...

i wonder whatever happened to :

"I'll tell you this for the last time, the very last. I don't want to leave Milan. To the millions of Milan fans, I tell you that I've made my choice. I've said I want to stay. Leave me in peace, please," Kaka told La Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper.

"I want to continue to win with Milan. And from today, all discussion is over."

now that the deal is done,nothing ANY of us can do about it...Maybe God will make him better there? like that time he helped AC Milan won the (i forgot) he was wearing shirt underneath that says 'I Belong To Jesus'...Amen brother!!! to all Christians reading this,pray for our dear brother here ^^,he's gonna need LOADZ of it...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Planetshakers New Album!!

oh yes people,Planetshakers new album is so so out!!

"Deeper" is the brand new praise and worship album from Planetshakers, recorded live over three services at Planetshakers City Church. This powerful mix of 11 tracks includes "The Victory", "Jesus Reigns", "I Just Want You", and title track "Deeper". In typical Planetshakers fashion this album captures the heart of passionate worship. As you listen, you'll be encouraged to stir up a hunger within you and go deeper in your relationship with God. Songwriters on this album from the Planetshakers Team include Henry Seeley, Sam Evans, Joth Hunt, Mike Pilmer and Andy Harrison.

The 20th album from Planetshakers, “Deeper” is available in CD and Worship Resource Collection. This album will stir you to hunger for a greater level of intimacy with Jesus Christ. Order your copy today.

http://planetshakers.com/music/latest.php.................................check out the website for more info

My 1st Gatsby...lol...

LOL...Bought my 1st Gatsby hair wax...lol...bought the small cute and compact one...didn't really know which to buy so just bought the one i used before...In scholl with my friends...haha...the colour's nice though

Rally Audition!!!

2 hours b4 audition....

my wife sleeps after along night letting me practice and the whole morning of practice...

went GTA early...linger for 30 minutes... MET MY OLD FRIEND ADRIAN!!! guess what? he gave me an impression to call him blondie...u'll see why...

hea ya blondie, gimme that big smile!

Had PnW then we were seperated into whatever instruments we're gonna audition for...sadly,keyboardist and bassist only 1 person each!!! haha...both girls..lol..

Right,i audition for elec guitar and whoah... was it me playing or are my hands breaking off? i did super badly due to "Nervous-phobia",i couldn't get Hosanna intro right...lol...i guess i can say i'm out for elec guitar even if i'm playing rythm guitar.

While waiting,cheap joy lah...teng teng teng teng,Rubik's cube to the rescue!!

tried taking Kelly's pic with the keyboard...BUT Samson WAS BLOCKING!!!haha...
went on...keyboard...bass,the bass girl look so small when she's playing d bass..haha..then came DRUMS!!!!
Mervin went before me...man,is he good or what?? he made the girls 'jaw-drop' .haha.. came my turn(WHAT!!!) merv had to make me nervous by supporting me...i was already feeling very hungry ...lol...so quickly finish it,finish both the songs...feeling the urge TO EAT!!!!!
HAH...Finally got to take her pic!! hehe...good luck to all who audition for all the instruments, you guys were great!! do it for God,cause this audition does not mean u fail to qualify for rally. do all things in God's name people!!

Good luck to all!