Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rally!!! Step Up!!!

Samson the worship leader...

the rally was a blast!!! not all my friends accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their lord and saviour but it's not about quantity,it's about God calling them to Him at the right time. I don't expect people to understand my faith because i'm a Christian, but i love my God and nothing people say can ever shake me off my faith!!!
Although my 'primary target' did not attend but what a relief it was when I was worshiping God and i saw my classmate wanting to accept the Lord and change his life forever.He made the choice of faith and he wants to let Jesus enter into his life. his reaction to God touched me.
From today onwards, I want to Step Up and make my stand for God cause i'm living for a God that saved my soul and words fail to describe my feelings when i'm in the presence of my God.

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