Tuesday, June 2, 2009

bye bye Milan, Hello Madrid ^^

Surprise surprise people......out of no where, the former player of the year signed for Real Madrid ... shocking news for all AC Milan fans and his fans... i found this on MSN news and whoah....kaka, for 65-million-euro deal??? that's some price tag...

i wonder whatever happened to :

"I'll tell you this for the last time, the very last. I don't want to leave Milan. To the millions of Milan fans, I tell you that I've made my choice. I've said I want to stay. Leave me in peace, please," Kaka told La Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper.

"I want to continue to win with Milan. And from today, all discussion is over."

now that the deal is done,nothing ANY of us can do about it...Maybe God will make him better there? like that time he helped AC Milan won the (i forgot) he was wearing shirt underneath that says 'I Belong To Jesus'...Amen brother!!! to all Christians reading this,pray for our dear brother here ^^,he's gonna need LOADZ of it...

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