Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rally Audition!!!

2 hours b4 audition....

my wife sleeps after along night letting me practice and the whole morning of practice...

went GTA early...linger for 30 minutes... MET MY OLD FRIEND ADRIAN!!! guess what? he gave me an impression to call him blondie...u'll see why...

hea ya blondie, gimme that big smile!

Had PnW then we were seperated into whatever instruments we're gonna audition for...sadly,keyboardist and bassist only 1 person each!!! haha...both

Right,i audition for elec guitar and whoah... was it me playing or are my hands breaking off? i did super badly due to "Nervous-phobia",i couldn't get Hosanna intro guess i can say i'm out for elec guitar even if i'm playing rythm guitar.

While waiting,cheap joy lah...teng teng teng teng,Rubik's cube to the rescue!!

tried taking Kelly's pic with the keyboard...BUT Samson WAS BLOCKING!!!haha...
went on...keyboard...bass,the bass girl look so small when she's playing d bass..haha..then came DRUMS!!!!
Mervin went before,is he good or what?? he made the girls 'jaw-drop' .haha.. came my turn(WHAT!!!) merv had to make me nervous by supporting me...i was already feeling very hungry quickly finish it,finish both the songs...feeling the urge TO EAT!!!!!
HAH...Finally got to take her pic!! hehe...good luck to all who audition for all the instruments, you guys were great!! do it for God,cause this audition does not mean u fail to qualify for rally. do all things in God's name people!!

Good luck to all!

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